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We have consigned 6 lots to the D&J Spring Fever Sale at Smithfield, NC in May 2018.

D&J Goat Farms Spring Fever Sell 
Saturday May 19th 12:45pm Saturday, May 19th, 2018
Pre-viewing Friday May 18th 2pm-6pm

Auctioneer Derek Beane
Johnston County Livestock Arena
520 County Home Rd
Smithfield , NC
So excited for another great sale. Our consigners have put together a great bunch of goats together and we are looking forward to hanging out with our loyal friends and hopefully making some new ones. Also D & J first ever Herd Reduction sale Smithfield Super 8 will have special rates for the weekend just ask when booking. 1-919-989-8988

The Full Catalog is on BoerGoats.com
D&J Spring Fever Sale

Lot 9
TATER's Chloe
Full Blood Doe
DOB 2/3/18
ABGA# 10776073

We strive to consign goats with the best genetics available.  This striking young lady's parents
have a total of 20 Ennobled goats plus 1 Reserve National Champion on their ABGA papers.

Click here for a short Video of Chloe

Lot 26
TATER's Rose
50% Doe
DOB 11/25/17
ABGA# 10776067

Absolutely gorgeous mostly red paint doe.  This this a massive doe with deep red color. 
She has a great top line. Her Sire Cold Smoke has 12 Ennobled ancesters on his ABGA papers. 
Her dam is an unregistered solid black Boer X.  Her teats are 1+1 with a very small nonfunctional spur on each side.  
She is 100% pigmented and her bite if perfect.  Add an absolutely beautiful doe to your herd.

Click here for a short Video of Rose

Lot 48
TATER's Bella
50% Doe
DOB 1/29/18
ABGA# 10776068

Subbing in this 50% doe.  Her dam has produce some nice show kids for us. 
Like all of our does this kid has the fancy long extended neck.  Level top line
and is great off her feet and legs.  Her teats are 2+2. Her pigment is light right now,
I expect it should darken as she ages.  We will try to get a picture and video up in
the next couple of days.

Click here for a short Video of Bella

Lot 63
Full Blood Buck
DOB 2/3/18
ABGA# 10776074

We want to offer you goats with the best genetics available. 
This handsome young guy's parents have a total of 20 Ennobled goats plus 1 Reserve National Champion on their ABGA papers.
Solid buck kid here, teats are 1+1, bite is perfect his pigment is jet black.  He has the genetics to throw some good kids for you.

Click here for a short Video of Max

Lot 72
TATER's Holly
75% Doe
DOB 2/1/18
ABGA# 10776070

This Doe kid comes off of our show line.  Her dam is almost always at the top of the class.
Beautiful level top line, extended feminine neck we expect in our does.

Her teats are 1+1, bite is perfect and has good pigment.

Click here for a short Video of Holly

Lot 85
TATER's Sadie
Full Blood Doe
DOB 2/20/18
ABGA# 10778733

This fancy little doe is off of one of our foundations dams' who is a granddaughter to
2 time ABGA National Champion Powell/Holman's Bingo.  She is square off her feet and legs with a beautiful
feminine neck.  This is a tame little doe that will make a great kids 4H show project.  
Teats are 2+2, bite is perfect and she has good pigment.
Download her video below, this is simply a nice little doe.  She would be a great addition to any herd.

Click here for a short Video of Sadie

Current Private Treaty Sells Below

Tater's B02 (ABGA 10585882)
DOB 3/20/2012

B02 has earned 111 ABGA Ennoblement Points
She has won at least 5 Overall Grand Championships in ABGA shows
We have two of her doe kids in our herd and she is currently bred.

$3500 or best offer

Next up will be our best % show doe
Tater's Quinby (ABGA #10662746)
DOB: 05/09/2014
Quinby has 99 ABGA points with 4 overall Grand Championships at ABGA Shows
Quinby is the doe on the right.

$3000 or best offer

Next up will be our most exciting young % show doe
Tater's Felicity (ABGA #10745722)
DOB: 01/26/2017
Felicity has earned 21 ABGA points.
At the 2017 NC Mountain State Felicity was Overall Grand Champion Percentage Doe
In that show were the 2017 ABGA National Overall Reserve Champion % Doe and
another doe that was the 2017 ABGA
Junior Reserve Champion % Doe.

$5000 or best offer

We welcome your phone calls at (910)464-3867

Our email address is Farm@TaterPatchBoers.com

Disease Free Guarantee

Tater Patch Boers (Mark & Lisa Seawell) will refund the purchase price, if the animal test positive for any communicable disease.  The animal must be returned along with the test results within 30 days of purchase.  Also, accompanying paperwork must show that all blood work was performed within 5 working days of purchase.  We stand behind our goats and want you to be satisfied with your purchase.


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